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As an artist I seek to make manifest the non-tangible in the material world. Through visual metaphor I represent the nature of human longing — longing for what we've never seen, and for what we have had and have lost; my paintings are about the ongoing emptiness that propels us through time. The human figure is my primary vehicle of expression because the viewer's natural empathetic response to another's body renders the expression more vital and clear. But at the same time, my deeper motive is to capture the fleetingness of individual human lives.

My process involves working from life, memory, and photographs to create a drawn composition which is then transferred to panel or canvas. I then proceed to work the image up in oil paint using the full range of that medium's technical potential of opaque impastos, transparent glazes, and opalescent scumbles.


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Anthony Apesos was born in Newark, NJ, but was raised in West Philadelphia. He graduated with honors from Vassar College in 1975, majoring in Philosophy and Religion. He began his formal art education at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia and finished with a certificate in Painting, studying with Sidney Goodman. He received his Masters in Fine Arts from the Milton Avery School of Fine Arts at Bard College in 1991. He has had numerous one-person shows and major commissions across the United States.

Apesos has lived in Boston since 1992, when he came to chair the Fine Arts department at the Art Institute of Boston. Now a professor in the fine arts and art history departments, Apesos founded and served as interim director of the low-residence Masters in Fine Art Program at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. He is the author of Anatomy for Artists: A New Approach to Discovering, Learning and Remembering the Body and is currently at work on a book on historical painting methods.

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